About us

“When I decided to catch my dreams more than past, I fund on LOIS (land of Ideas) as a startup company with an expert and creative team who are educated in high level and have international experience.
Our mission is creating important and unique products in the world but beside them innovation is very critical for us.

Our motto is: “catch your dream”

if you think about one idea, it is near you than think, just change your view to see it.
Our office is open always, 24 hours in day, 7 days in week because our team doesn’t force to work as a clerk with come and go on certain time. They work very hard but in flexible time according to their Physiology

They have game and fun in office because they should relaxing after thinking to reach new idea. Some days, they come here without doing any thing, just playing, singing, speaking and having fun.
We have storm of idea and it is a great fun for us. Before it we collect information personally and share with each other. After storm best idea will be selected and new project will be started formally. Every project is divided to small projects and assign to small groups but all parts is related and cover each other
The result is always unique and costumer will be willing.
After every project, client become one of our marketing team.”

With Best Regards
CEO & founder